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Steve Brook – Kill Devil Hills, NC.

P.E.G. completed this installation in December of 2015.  We used (36) Axitec So...

Steve Brook – Kill Devil Hills, NC.

P.E.G. completed this installation in December of 2015.  We used (36) Axitec Solar 310W panels and all premium components from Schneider Electric Conext XW+ line.  Located in Kill Devil Hills, NC, this 100% Off-Grid home was the first of its kind in the OBX area.

The homeowner, Mr. Steve Brook, had a goal of being 100% energy independent.  He chose P.E.G. to design & install a solar PV system adequate to power all modern amenities without relying on the local electric utility.   

Appliances at the home include LED lighting, central heating and air conditioning, boat lift, home theatre, washer/dryer, and other residential appliances.  

See the full install from start to finish on the portfolio details page.

Portfolio Details

The Jones’ – Charlotte, North Carolina

7.3kW Hybrid Solar Power System w/ Generac 15kW G...

The Jones’ – Charlotte, North Carolina

7.3kW Hybrid Solar Power System w/ Generac 15kW Generator

The Jones’ live in rural Union County, North Carolina, about 25 miles from downtown Charlotte.  Mr. Jones wanted a solar power system that would provide both monthly bill reduction AND a secure power supply for emergency backup.  The search for a qualified solar installer started close to home.  Local solar companies in western North Carolina tried to convince Mr. Jones to purchase a grid-tied only solar power system with no battery backup.  Although such a system would help lower his electric bill, it would not help the family survive during a utility power outage. 

Find out how the Jones' got prepared for utility power outages on the Portfolio Details page.

Portfolio Details

John Vandermyde – Outer Banks, NC

John Vandermyde and his family live in an excepti...

John Vandermyde – Outer Banks, NC

John Vandermyde and his family live in an exceptional home on the Atlantic coast in Outer Banks, North Carolina.  Desiring to be a better steward of the planet, John decided to go solar for his home’s energy needs.  After interviewing two other solar companies, John selected P.E.G. to install his grid-tied solar power system. 

PV System Designer Barton Schafer was faced with numerous challenges during the design phase of the project.  The owner’s desire was to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance that maximized solar energy production in spite of limited roof space and shading issues.  The Vandermyde’s home has a steep Dutch hip roof with multiple skylights and vent pipes that created obstacles for efficient solar panel mounting. Adding to the challenge was a large nearby pine tree that cast a shadow on one quarter of the roof.

Find out how P.E.G. helped John overcome these challenges in OBX, N.C.

Portfolio Details

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  • Great company to do business with and would highly recommend. Just with any project there were a few hiccups along the way but was handled very well. Panels are performing better than expected and stayed on budget. Would like to thank everyone at P.E.G solar for a great install.

    -Bratton Brown of Palmyra, VA

  • The entire experience was terrific. They recommended exactly what I needed, and delivered on their promise. What I noticed while the crew was installing my system is that they were more than a work crew, they were a fine tuned team. The installation took about a day. Before they left the job site everything was in operation and they tutored me in the operation. Pricing was reasonable, and their product was quality equipment. Again, a terrific experience. I would highly recommend them.

    -Rusty McHatton of Monroe, VA

  • Working with PEG for my solar energy system was great. They took the time to ensure they understood my wants and I understood the abilities of the system. They were very efficient in the installation of the system. It is running beautifully. I highly recommend using PEG for your solar energy needs.

    -Mary Capule from Ashland, VA

  • In the quickly evolving world of solar power, one can easily find one's self dead ended by a restrictive, proprietary system you were sold before you truly understood its limitations. PEG staff helped me overcome the serious drawbacks of the grid tied system I had been sold, virtually rebuilding the system in the process. I have read reviews of solar contractors in my area that have literally walked away from customers & left them hanging as soon as the job became more complex than an install & run operation. PEG staff worked long & hard to ensure that the system I finally got was what I actually wanted. It turns out, a lot of contractors want to sell you what is in their best interests and aren't that concerned about what the customer wanted. PEG staff, particularly Joe Ordia, will get a firm idea of what the customer actually wants & do whatever it takes to make it happen.

    -Bob Johnson of Norfolk, VA