Joe Ordia

Co-Founder and President

Joe Ordia is the Co-Founder and President of PEG Solar. Since co-founding PEG. in 2012, Joe has helped more than 600 households achieve greater levels of energy independence by utilizing clean solar energy and battery storage technology. He is committed to getting as many households as possible to be self-sufficient and prepared to survive during a time of crisis.

Joe is a licensed electrician and holds a Class A license for the construction of solar and wind energy facilities. Before founding his first technology company in 2000, Joe studied electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Joe and his wife Rachel married in 2011 and have five children: Grace, Lydia, Michael, Isabella, and Gianna. In 2011, the Ordias made the decision that they wanted to be prepared as a household. During a time of crisis, whether it be a natural disaster, economic collapse, cyber-attack, or war, they did not want to be dependent on the government or any other institution to take care of them. Simply put, they wanted to be able to take care of themselves. The Ordia's currently reside in Central Virginia in a home that is 100% capable of running off-the-grid using solar + battery storage. PEG Solar installed the family’s renewable energy system in 2018. Joe is not just the President of PEG Solar; he is a client also. Joe and Rachel are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Our mission is to increase the energy independence of mankind by providing top-tier renewable energy designs and consulting services.


11044 Richardson Rd

Suite A29

Ashland, VA 23005


(804) 299-3296

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