7.3kW Hybrid Solar Power System w/ Generac 15kW Generator

The Jones’ live in rural Union County, North Carolina, about 25 miles from downtown Charlotte.  Mr. Jones wanted a solar power system that would provide both monthly bill reduction AND a secure power supply for emergency backup.  The search for a qualified solar installer started close to home.  Local solar companies in western North Carolina tried to convince Mr. Jones to purchase a grid-tied only solar power system with no battery backup.  Although such a system would help lower his electric bill, it would not help the family survive during a utility power outage. 

After doing some research on the Internet, Mr. Jones found P.E.G.  He was encouraged to learn about hybrid solar power systems that can operate both on- and off-the-grid. A hybrid solar power system can work in parallel with the electric company by selling power back to the grid during daylights hours and purchasing power from the utility during the evening.  Excess solar electricity is stored in a bank of deep cycle batteries for overnight use during utility power outages. 

After conducting a complete load analysis, P.E.G. designed a 7,290W solar power system using (27) Silfab Solar 270W all-black solar panels and the Schneider ElectricConext XW+ hybrid inverter system.  For secure off-grid power, P.E.G. included a 48V AGM battery bank.  As an added layer of protection, the system designer incorporated a Generac EcoGen™ 15kW standby generator.  The EcoGen™ allows the Jones’ to quickly recharge their solar batteries during periods of high demand or prolonged overcast weather.  The system design provides the best of both worlds: energy savings and energy security. 

The Jones’ own their energy.  Be Empowered.

Be Empowered!

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Charlotte, NC


Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, and one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.

Located in the southwest portion of the state, Charlotte has subtropical weather resulting in short winters long, hot summers, with plenty of sunny date.