John Vandermyde and his family live in an exceptional home on the Atlantic coast in Outer Banks, North Carolina.  Desiring to be a better steward of the planet, John decided to go solar for his home’s energy needs.  After interviewing two other solar companies, John selected P.E.G. to install his grid-tied solar power system. 

PV System Designer Barton Schafer was faced with numerous challenges during the design phase of the project.  The owner’s desire was to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance that maximized solar energy production in spite of limited roof space and shading issues.  The Vandermyde’s home has a steep Dutch hip roof with multiple skylights and vent pipes that created obstacles for efficient solar panel mounting. Adding to the challenge was a large nearby pine tree that cast a shadow on one quarter of the roof.  The solution would be to use sleek all-black high-efficiency solar panels with micro-inverters to mitigate the impact of shading.

P.E.G. completed the system installation using 32 Axitec Solar 260W all-black mono solar panels and ABB Aurora micro-inverters.  The ABB Aurora system allows John to monitor the performance of each solar panel in real-time and view historical energy production.

You can read all about John’s solar experience on the OBX Real Estate blog.

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Outer Banks, NC


Outer Banks, North Carolina is a string of islands and peninsulas running down the North Carolina coastline. The sunny beaches and subtropic client make it one of the most sought after vacation spots in the nation.