A recent customer,  “John Doe” for purposes of confidentiality, and his family reside on a 40-acre farm about 45 miles from downtown Richmond, Virginia.  John is committed to ensuring the safety and security of his family.  He is also a steadfast believer who wants to be able to help others in his community during a time of crisis.    

The Does’ emergency planning includes making provision for both short-term power outages caused by severe weather and long-term power outages caused by cyber attack, financial crisis, or civil unrest.  In addition to having a deep supply of food and water, John wanted to own the means of producing his own electricity.  He already owned a gasoline generator, but was concerned about the availability of fuel during a long-term crisis.  What he really wanted was a solar power system that would help reduce his monthly electric bill and provide secure off-grid power to run all of his essentials during a utility outage.

P.E.G. designed a hybrid solar power system using 8 Canadian Solar 320W solar panels, Crown commercial deep cycle batteries, and the Schneider Electric Conext XW+ hybrid inverter system.  To avoid any chance of roof leaks, John elected to have the solar panels mounted on the ground.  The system produces enough electricity to offset $50 per month on the Does’ electric bill.  More importantly, in the event of a utility power outage, the system can power all essential home appliances including: well pump, fridge, chest freezer, indoor lights, wall outlets, and medical equipment.

The Does own their energy.  Be Empowered.

Be Empowered!

Own your energy.

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Richmond, VA

Richmond is the state capital of Virginia, and is one of the most historical cities in our country. With important roles in both the revolutionary and civil wars, Richmond boasts a combination of southern heritage and modern prominence.