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Getting Serious about Solar for Disaster Response and Recovery

Two seemingly separate trends are currently colliding. One is the more severe and widespread damage being inflicted on electric grids during natural disasters, especially from the increasingly stronger storms like hurricane Maria that devastated Puerto Rico. The second is the many technological advances in solar power generation and energy storage, which also lead to ongoing cost reductions across the solar value chain. The prospect of using solar power on a…

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Tesla Scraps Their 10kWh Powerwall Home Battery

Last year Tesla announced a revolutionary breakthrough in home battery systems called the Powerwall. The Powerwall is a stand-alone Lithium-Ion battery designed to power your house. They announced a 7kWh and 10kWh version of their Powerwall slated to come to market this year (for reference, the average US home uses 30kWh/day). But just a few weeks ago Tesla quietly removed the 10kWh model from their website and press kit. A…

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